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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Affiliate Program Comparisons

Here we go with my affiliate program comparisons. As a boomer searching for the real deal, I tried all of the below. Please know that they are all worthy however only one really offers the highest ratings.



go directly to WEALTHY AFFILIATE

WA is the most comprehensive online affiliate program available. It is of university stature for the in-depth fabulous amenities. Compared to the others, this wins highest ratings. The traffic marketing techniques and training include ppc for Google and Yahoo, article marketing and other free methods. The communication is top notch because the forum is simply the best of the best. Advanced members often offer solutions and tutorials, PLUS one-on-one coaching with Kyle and Carson ( founders) is available too. An 8-week program to get one's feet wet is suggested and even though I knew something about affiliate marketing- this is truly a real education- ppc is not the only method of driving traffic! Included in the low monthly fee ($29.00/month if pay for the year otherwise $39.00/month): training tutorials, world wide web renowned forum access, 6 ready made niche kits (1 per month) to use and promote, site rubix web building and hosting, feeder sites, my-linker, and did I mention quick communication? This alone is worth the low monthly fee. Plus I'm making online friends with other boomers that need help! Really, I only have to research the forum to see if my question is in there or I ask it and the answer comes quickly! The communication is that from other affiliates who really want me to succeed.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> WEALTHY AFFILIATE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Top Notch E-Book

This e-book or (hardcover) includes updates (just save your receipt) plus the excellent Net Profits Today newsletter and forum access, all for the $47.00 price and lifetime access. That is good value. SAH really explains what affiliate programs are, ways an affiliate gets paid, how to set up Wordpress.org (not the free version), hosting program to use, ways to drive traffic, questions to ask affiliate programs before joining and much more. I would suggest it to anyone for a great overview of becoming a super affiliate. Ros Gardner is well known throughout the affiliate marketing world, and she does a great job telling what not to do as well.

....................... SUPER AFFILIATE HANDBOOK ............................


Strictly PPC

The come on to this was "cloning Amit's mind." Amit, being another successful super affiliate who offers a great ppc school. I did spend lots for the school modules which are excellent, plus I was a "boot camp" member, plus I paid extra for the niche detective (gives a niche of the month with keywords, etc.). The two monthly fees were actually for forum access, and the niche detective. I eventually dropped both, but have lifetime access to the modules, and many good webinars. I learned a lot more in depth about Google adwords, adwords editor, and legalities with affiliate marketing and landing pages. I did implement what I learned, and I did do much better in my ppc advertising. The forum was not great as far as getting questions answered by senior members, and the owners never chimed in, so that wasn't great communication. Also, the ticket system to get a question answered (outside the forum) was slow. All in all it is a valuable course for anyone wanting to just learn ppc marketing with Google adwords.

.................................. PPC CLASSROOM 2.0 ..........................


My First Affiliate Experience

A personal story accompanied by a training in pay-per-click, via a beginners adwords tutorial e-book, are the guts of Six Figure Yearly. Different ways to build a website are offered, and 2 ready-made choices are available. I purchased both and tried to promote them with my new Google adwords training. The only problem was poor communication with the affiliate management for the sites. I never received any replies to my queries, and when one is new, that really sucks. Although there were some tips to use, they also promised updates, which I never received, and once again, no one ever replied to my queries. Despite the difficulties, the program does sell (if you want to promote it), and it was an excellent newbie learning experience - about what keywords are, and how to begin with Google adwords. I believe the communication problem has changed for the better since I was learning it. It's definitely worth a try.

................................. SIX FIGURE YEARLY .......................

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