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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Priceless Jewel Within

A quote from Rumi says, "Any time you exert yourself by going somewhere, giving money, or taking time to pray, you are saying, There is a priceless jewel inside me."

I'm thinking that jewel could be forgiveness, and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could remember that and pass it on to another? Far to often we ignore that priceless jewel in the heat of an argument, or a major fight/breakup. Then the ensuing hurt and hopelessness leave us paralyzed wondering if we can save a dying relationship.

Obsession sets in and the panic that grips us contributes to the thought that just maybe a time limit to save the ex and makeup will fix the broken relationship. Emotions get testy. So do apologies with ill-perceived, yet well-intentioned conversation (don't text the ex). More barriers come up, and before you can bat an eyelid, the defensive, judgemental, non-intended confusion rears in the conversation.

The conventional wisdom from the Rumi quote gets taken for granted. In the case of break-ups, conventional wisdom is a huge asset, but un-conventional wisdom/methods take precedence. This is because experienced methods to heal broken hearts accesses the solution of the priceless jewel within to forgive ourselves and others.

One great un-conventional teaching method is in this ebook or audio. It gives the hope to the situation and adds a little magic too! It's called, The Magic of Making Up.

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Nancy said...

Monica-- this is a rich blog! I love the Rumi quote. Thank you~ Nancy

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