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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are You Wanting Sexy Abs?

Ha! Maybe like some of you, I have tried many different exercises for sexy abs and a better looking core. I have always resorted to anything resembling dance for the best results. Earlier in my 20's thru 40's past life I actually took many great dance classes - jazz, ballet, modern. Then the pilates bit and joining a gym, etc. Yes, I did the deal.

Next, life with not great knees and all sorts of new aches 'n pains entered in. My core became a bit extended, and the desire to get somewhat of a six pack began to obsess in my brain. Luckily for me, that translated into trying out the Core Rhythms DVD'S.

They are the answer to sexy abs! Believe me, I have been high energy Latin dancin' with these delightful dvd's. The music is exhilirating, the instructors are supportive and great to watch, the moves are senuous, and the workout is fun. Sweat is plentiful as I feel my abs doing the work. The DVD's are especially helpful because they are set up so you can view front, back and/or click on help for a slow thorough breakdown of a move. It really isn't rocket science to put together some great dance moves and get great results. I highly recommend them.

Here is a video to get an idea for yourself. Enjoy!

Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program Starter Package 3-dvd Set!

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