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Monday, August 31, 2009

Have Fun Cooking Gluten Free

The end of summer fresh garden delights have got me using my detective prowess in search of more gluten free low glycemic recipes. I'm a food sensitive eater due to some ancestral gene thingimagigis (I hate to offend with the "mutations" word!) and so I make do without gluten whenever I can.

Actually, it has become fun detective work for me, and I'd like to share a cookbook with gourmet healthy recipes that are fun, quick and easy. "Fun With GF/LG Food" is the downloadable e-book for yummy, fun to make recipes for most food allergy prone folks.

Bonus, updates and a money back guarantee make this book a no-brainer. Sufferers from diabetes and celiacs will also enjoy this allergy-free cooking. Happy Cooking!

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