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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recent Road Trip

Since this is the anniversary of the internet birth (10/29/'69), I consider it a fortuitous day to post about another milestone.

I have lived in Colorado since 1974 which is a total of 35 years (over half my lifetime!). Minnesota is my birthplace, and I haven't been back there for 4 years. So, I decided to take an independent road trip home to see mom. I realized that I hadn't driven anywhere by myself farther than 2 1/2 hours away since I had children. Geesh! Could I do it?

Yes, I could and did.

2000 plus miles later I am trying to figure it out. There seems to be a sense of life passing too quickly, and self-esteem building to keep enjoying life on earth. All this since I turned 60! Plus, I'm going to be a Grandma, so you see, time has been pushing my buttons.

The drive was a tangle of construction in Nebraska and Minnesota - Iowa was solar windmills. Actually, I was very excited to get into Minnesota because the scenery changed to a carpet of reds. The trees were having a fashion show and the cold winds were spreading those Fall leaves everywhere. There is also a specific scent to the North woods, and I loved it. Don't get me wrong, Colorado is startling gorgeous with the snow capped Rockies. Minnesota is just so beautiful with the many lakes and woods.

So, my inner journey about went along with the weather. I could focus on being present because the scenery outside changed and how could I drive safely without being present? I stopped frequently at rest stops, stretched and munched from my small cooler of carrots, cheese, gatorade, snickers, and my sack of almonds, nuthins, rice crackers, apples and bananas. A friend had suggested taking a cooler, and I'm so glad I did. It saved me from bad food and lost time indoors. I also had printed out trip tickets (map directions) from Triple A, and of course I had an Atlas with me. I also had our one cell phone for emergencies and checking in, so I really felt quite together.

That was what it was about for me. Seeing mom ( a vibrant 87 year old independent woman), and knowing I could journey independently, and let mom be mom. She has her moments, as we all do, and I could just be present with those moments. Just like I had to accept the weather as it changed from sunny cold to rainy cold to sleet cold to ice on my windshield in Nebraska on the return trip, to snow in Colorado. A journey that I'm glad I took.


rlampe said...

Monica you are a fabulous writer. What an inspiration to read about your journey, Love it.
Keep writing.

Deb Lauman said...

Wonderful post and photos! We spent a couple of weeks in the North Woods (Boundary Water, Grand Marais, Grand Portage, Ely, Voyageurs National Park, etc.) this past summer and just LOVE it up there. And we love Colorado too. Living in northern Arizona, we're close enough that we visit CO at least twice a year. But my husband does most all of the driving. I haven't driven more than about an hour and a half by myself in a very long time.

Nancy said...

Hey Monica- finally got a chance to read your blog about the trip. Pretty brave to do a road trip alone. What a journey!

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