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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Getting to be a Lot Like......

The shopping frenzy begins during this pre-Thanksgiving week via the advertising of "Black Friday." It's actually shoppingly correct (like politically correct) from Friday through Monday evidently.

The frenzy may be genetic, or even exceedingly hard to turn away from because North Americans are just so attuned to the economic side effect of the oncoming holidays. Not just North Americans, most cultures around the globe share in the gift giving pressure of holidays.

The commercialization is well known and disconcerting to some. More disconcerting are those who want to "buy" into it, yet can't. This is great for consignment and thrift stores. Nothing to sneer at with like new things. Besides, re-cycling is in.

For those who would like to buy in online at a discount, please check these deals out.

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