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Monday, November 16, 2009

Talkin' Theology: Sky Boss Stuff

I've been continuing an ongoing God search for as long as I can recall. Mind you, this doesn't mean that I am an agnostic, actually I have a strong belief in God. My definition of God is mine. I don't wish to share it because it is always evolving, the less I limit my definition. So, I have been a lay theology student as long as I have had a God awareness.

I recall seeing an angel on the shoulder of a wooden desk in a classroom in the second grade. Whispering Angel

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I also remember going to religion classes taught by a lay person rather than a nun or a priest, and becoming mortified that the story of the Virgin Mary birth was just that, a story. I really gave my parents hell for not telling me the truth. Ahhh, the naivety of one so young and trustworthy.

Many instances in my life have led me to a belief in a Great Creator. When I was really hating God, because I had a life/death trauma at age 21, I began to heal miraculously. What happened was that when I could walk, I was led to a church across the street from where I lived at the time. I recall just wanting to get into a place that might be quiet and help me hear from the God I was so angry with. I did get in and manage to kneel for a very short time of silence. Then a heart-wrenching crying began. The sobs penetrated my heart. I noticed a woman hunched over, head bowed in her arms, crying like there would never be enough tears to come from her pain. I walked to where she was, and gently began to rub her back. After awhile she subsided, and told me that her 3 year old child had died of leukemia. I was so taken aback, because I had been so deep in my own tragedy, that this news just began to heal me. You see, I was being of service, I was forgetting my pain. The Sky Boss was divinely guiding me to love. My pain at losing my child had left me fearful and non-trusting of God and myself. The healing had begun with me at this divine intervention.

Those instances of greater good awareness are but a few of the God moments in my life that define me. Now the serendipity times that lead me to a certain movie, book, tv show, travel destination, or human interaction are an integral part of my daily life. For instance, I just finished reading The Shack. Buy it, read it love what it offers. It came into my life exactly when it was supposed to. I got it. It's definitely a God thing.

Of course, I have mentioned Rumi before. Some great Rumi translations are: The poetry of Rumi is so beautiful, that I truly believe it is God teachings. Read some, and see if you feel a bit more enlightened from it.

Another great book of poetry which is a translation from many different poets is
Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West (Compass). This includes an Islamic poetess, Rabia of Basra (c. 717-801) who wrote way before Rumi, and greatly influenced his writing. She is well worth reading. A writing I have taken from one of her poems is: I was born when all I once feared - I could love. Wow, how I want that to be true in my life!

Lastly I will mention Notes from the Universe: New Perspectives from an Old Friend. This is a delightful perspective of God. I like to just open it randomly and read what I was meant to read for the day.

Hopefully my God search will continue to continue as I reach out to you, my readers, and offer you some of my finds.

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