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Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is It: Baby Boomer review of This Is It

Michael Jackson died on my birthday, June 25th. It was a sensational day for both of us. Not only was it my 60th birthday, but it was also the death day of Farrah Fawcett, thus it became quite a memorable day too. Now that you know that I am indeed a qualified baby boomer (the first rock concert I saw was Janis Joplin... in person), I shall share my experience of viewing This Is It, the Michael Jackson concert rehearsal film.

My husband and I decided to go to a matinee, thinking it would be less crowded then an evening show. We were correct, there were only 9 folks in the big screen theater at the 4pm show. I took note of the fact that they were all baby boomers. Really, I was secretly pleased since so many younger gen kids think they have the real deal on MJ. Granted, they loved him from a young age too, but he was closer to my age (he was almost 50 when he died), and his enduring talent just continues to shine on all ages.

From the very get go of the film you will know that it is raw, rehearsal clips, along with some older MJ videos that were to be part of the concert. This is good because it highlights the talent, genius and work that went into the making of This Is It. I liken it to seeing the real Michael Jackson - before the hype.

He works with the dancers, crew, back-up singers, and director, Kenny Ortega. He is shy, quiet and the ultimate pro during the rehearsals. At one point he wants to re-do a scene, and he looks at his crew and says, "This is what rehearsals are for." There are times he exclaims that he is saving his voice, but encourages another singer to go for it. His wonderful and generous sharing of his talented guitarist, Orianthi, gives us a glimpse into his truly loving nature, and the awesome talent of his musicians. Judith Hill, his renowned back-up singer is also given share time with Michael. These bits gave great depth to the MJ that isn't hyped by the media- his generous nature.

Some highlights of the "how did they do that?" scenes are shown in the killer "Smooth Criminal" video and "Thriller" too. I don't want to giveaway how it was performed, but it is an example of the pure genius, beyond-his-time artist, Michael Jackson. Once again he shares the stage via video with actors who have gone before him (Humphrey Bogart for example).

Watching the interaction and obvious respect for and between MJ and his dancers, crews, singers, and director was such a treat. It really brings home what the real man was all about - giving his absolute best in all of his art.

Of course, I had to find the latest info about a DVD for This Is It. What I found out is that the DVD won't be released until January, 2010. However, I did purchase the CD.

Please do yourself a favor and see this phenomenal documentary tribute to another great baby boomer!

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Tiana said...

Such a great review, MJ is a gentle genius!

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