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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chocolate Love: Intentional Chocolate Love

Do you always get a good vibe just thinking about chocolate? I do, and it gets to be a challenge waiting for the urge to eat chocolate to dissipate. Sometimes I tell myself that once I have accomplished a certain task (post a blog, vacuum a rug, exercise, etc.), then I can eat a chocolate treat. It's a similar challenge to my first cup of coffee in the morning, I get it after I meditate.

Naturally these challenges are not always fulfilled in the orderly fashion just mentioned. The chocoholic in me may lack discernment about need, desire, addiction, and overwhelming gotta-have-some-now thoughts. Ahh, so maybe here is where intention enters. Not only my intention about eating chocolate, but the chocolate vendor's intention. I'm referring to a product called Intentional Chocolate. It is chocolate that has been "infused with positive intention by meditating Tibetan monks." Not only that, but the company donates half its net profits. It looks quite nummy, and is considered a gift from the heart by many.

One way to give this is through an
Intentional Chocolate $25 Gift Certificate. If this isn't enough, then go big with this.

Chocolate is cultivated from the cacao tree in; the Caribbean, Africa, South East Asia, Samoa, and new Guinea. Intentional Chocolate is grown in Hawaii by founder and CEO, Jim Walsh.

The word
cacao is Mayan (found on pottery as early as 500 A.D.). No one knows how much earlier the bean was used, however the general consensus is that it was used earlier. Once Chris Columbus checked it out and sent it back to Europe, it was mostly used in beverage form until sugar was added to it. Then the Dutch got serious with chocolate production in 1828. They produced a powder from roasted cacao beans, and eventually a solid. Thank you, I am intentionally and eternally grateful for the Dutch endeavors. The Swiss followed along quite nicely, too.

Chocolate is a worldwide phenomenon that seems divinely related because of the "feel good" nature of it. There is caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, and anandamide found in various amounts in the cacao bean. They are all chemicals that are stimulants, except the last which is a neurotransmitter that is found naturally in the brain. These may be the reason for the HIGH, the good feeling from eating chocolate.

Top that information off with monks embedding positive intentions and the good vibes just don't get any better!


Tiana said...

Yum!Bless those monks! As if they didn't already do enough good in the world, they now make chocolate even better. They should be paid millions.

Anonymous said...

What is "nummy"?You write very well but I'm not spending $25 on chocolate at this time.LOL Patty

Anonymous said...

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