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Monday, December 7, 2009

Delicious, Easy Gluten Free Meals and More

The excitement has begun with healthy meal recipes. A true revolution of delicious, easy gluten free meals is showing up everywhere! Major brands of processed food like Betty Crocker, and General Mills are now offering gluten free cake mixes! I never thought I'd see the day this would happen.

Are you always hungry for great healthy meal recipes? Personally, I would rather cook on my own so I'm sure that I'm getting organic, low glycemic, gluten free meals. I am grateful that the big food mills are finally awakening to the gluten free revolution, but they are more expensive than non-gluten free mixes. Just check them out in your grocery store, and compare prices.

I have a solution for you. It is a great,one of a kind cookbook with 75 recipes that are completely:
* gluten free
* sugar-free (except fruit)
* digestion-friendly (eliminate IBS)
* allergy friendly (wheat, gluten, soy, etc.)
* low glycemic and delicious too!

This book,
Fun With Gluten Free/Low Glycemic Food! offers the added benefit of low glycemic foods. They are highly important for optimum health, because they affect hunger, appetite, and blood sugar levels. The glycemic index of foods is actually a ranking of foods and their result on blood sugar levels. High glycemic foods are cabohydrates that break down quickly during digestion. Low glycemic foods are carbohydrates that break down slowly during digestion; they release glucose into the blood stream slowly.

Two great advantages of using (eating) low G.I. foods are:
1. they help burn body fat, not muscle
2. they help fill you up, keeping your appetite satisfied longer. So, you satisfy your appetite while releasing fat.

Most of the recipes also have guidelines for sugar and flour substitutes. Diabetics can also use these recipes. In fact, it is the first cookbook of it's kind because it is easily converted with vegan and vegetarian options too.

Bonuses, plus an 8 week 100% money back guarantee are your with Fun With Gluten Free/Low Glycemic Food!.

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