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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Solstice Afterthoughts

Somewhere and sometime I was celebrating the winter solstice. Whether I was lighting a fire or a candle, feasting or preparing for a feast, or practicing generosity by giving of myself, the ritual was symbolized in a life-death-rebirth deity way, or as the year reborn whilst the sun ebbed.
The Shortening Winter's Day

The Shortening Winter's Day
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Solstice means standing-still-sun. Ancients celebrated and observed this phenomenon all over the earth. Stonehenge is one site where ancients and moderns observe both winter and summer solstice. It's an awesome manifestation of wonder. So is the Sun Dagger site in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. It is "An assembly of stone slabs on an isolated butte in New Mexico collimates sunlight onto spiral petroglyphs carved on a cliff face. The light illuminates the spirals in a changing pattern throughout the year and marks the solstices and equinoxes with particular images. The assembly can also be used to observe lunar phenomena. It is unique in archeoastronomy in utilizing the changing height of the midday sun throughout the year rather than its rising and setting points. The construct appears to be the result of deliberate work of the Anasazi Indians, the builders of the great pueblos in the area." The quote is from The Solstice Project, a site about protecting Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon.

My afterthoughts about this December 21st were brought to awareness after reading a poem by St. Francis of Assisi.
                      Wild Forces
There are beautiful forces within us.
   Let them turn the mills inside
         and fill

   that feed even 

I quote from Love Poems From God.

The wild forces within me are the rituals and celebrations that still live.  Perhaps I just want to acknowledge a Celtic awareness along with the many winter solstice symbols.  There are 5 that all symbolize protection and:
  1. evergreen - prosperity, life continuity
  2. holly - good luck, old solar year
  3. oak - endurance, strength, new solar year
  4. mistletoe - peace, fertility, rest
  5. ivy - fidelity, healing, marriage, and victory.
All of the above are lovingly renewed mid-winter as well as many other symbols.

Music tends toward sacred old hymns, bells, flutes, faeries, and specific ethnic songs from around the earth. Here are some examples:
As you can see, the standing-still-sun has grown somewhat commercial in these present times.  At the very least we can give tribute to the many offerings these products and memories or protection of memories that still revel around this magnificent earth. We can also continue to wonder . . . wonder what the Druids would think of the commercialization of the sun ebbing.                                        

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