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Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Boomers Wisdom is for Everyone

To begin a blog about baby boomers wisdom being for everyone, one should realize that truly wise baby boomers know that wisdom comes from people of all ages.  When we were young parents, we were willing to learn from our children.  We allowed to let them be teachers, our teachers.  Later in life, we can continue to allow that and the natural reciprocity (being reciprocal) with others just enhances our own wisdom.

So, I saw an interview with Will Smith, who is not a baby boomer (his birthday is 9/25/68), but the wisdom he shares is very worth passing along.  If you need an inspiration break, or just a wisdom reminder, please view it.
It's a short 10 minutes to lift your spirits.

Great, huh?

Another wisdom source from a true baby boomer is the marvelous Marianne Williamson (7/8/52).  I have read and studied and discussed many of her writings.  The books that really spoke to me are A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles", or  A Return to Love CD, and Illuminata: Thoughts, Prayers, Rites of Passage. This is the link to the hardcover, which is a beautiful book, there is also a paperback version.  She is a wisdom writer for all ages, and her sincere honesty really is reflected in her work.  I'm glad I was turned on to her many years ago, because her work is often a fallback for me when I am at that trying time - needing a faith renewal.

The well known Wayne Dwyer, who is not a baby boomer (5/10/40), has spent much of his life sharing wisdom.  I have enjoyed many of his books and watching him on PBS.  He is able to break through the intelligentsia psychology in lay terms that we all can relate to. Two notable books of his are: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (this is really a classic, before he added Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao).  The other is Wisdom of the Ages: 60 Days to Enlightenment.  One certainly doesn't have to stop here.  These are just a few of his many offerings.

Baby Boomers wisdom is the knowing to pass on wisdom from sources everywhere.  The earth is a wise teacher too.  Listening is one way in to the wisdom world.  Please pass it on as a well known phrase teaches, "You can't keep it unless you give it away."
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