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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Writing About Writing

Any writer gets to the blank page syndrome and suffers from not writing.  A paralysis type grip seems to download on empty pages to remain empty. I'm feelin' the pain, now and then, too. So there are ways to upload the words.  Here's some offerings for anyone else needing some inspiration.
  • Let yourself be conscientious about the not writing blank page syndrome, but don't feel guilty and beat yourself up.  Piling remorse on the pain doesn't really do anything to de-stress the situation.
  • Read some bad writing. Really, poorly written crap. You know you can do better. Allow for some contemplation on the doing better part.
  • Exercise differently than you normally do- like go bowling instead of weight lifting, or go swimming instead of skiing.  Your creative juices may just start flowing in ways you'd never imagined.
  • If you are reading a really good book while trying to write, you may be comparing your writing to a published, famous author's work.  Don't. That author started somewhere, sometime, and experienced blank page syndrome too.
  • Write down your random thoughts without worrying about grammar.  Don't re-write or correct any misspellings or punctuation.  Just write.  Don't try to make sense of your words. No one else has to read them. You don't even have to.  It is just a way to get your page full; a way to begin again.
Writing is so about beginning and continuing.  It is about those scraps of paper in your backpack, purse, on your bedside table, in your car, next to the toilet.  It is about the pictures in your mind and in the sky and on the beach.

The thing is - one must actually be mechanical about the physicality of writing.  Pen in hand, or keyboard ready- feel the words coursing from fingers to tools, to paper.  It's a start to continue.

I really enjoy Natalie Goldberg's books to keep me inspired and writing. 

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Tiana said...

Writers block! Arugh! I like to go for a walk and put my iPod on shuffle....
Amazingly the songs I "need" to hear pop up and give me words for scribing.

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