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Friday, February 26, 2010

Writing Passion: My Bad

I can't trace my passion for writing, but it might have been from a memory I have of childhood play.  I was with a friend, playing in a muddy, dirt filled area.  It was late into a lovely Indian summer, so we were warmed by the sun, and very chilled as the sun descended.  We were deep into the creation of some village.  We used mud, stones, sticks, grass, whatever.  There was some large story going on with the created villagers.  

Now, looking back, it feels ancestral as ways of knowing some past life was being re-enacted.  It's a strong memory of story creation, and possibly where my writing passion has evolved from.

The history of writing is vast, and it evolves from pictorial to hieroglyphical to phonetic.  Many different writing tools were used:
  • sticks
  • feathers
  • quills
  • clay
  • stones
  • shells, and eventually papyrus, paper, and computer.
The author of this book considers writing a great invention and I concur. 

There is some suffering involved in this ardent means of conveying the spoken language.  The writing organism consists of those grammar skills that can plague a writer endlessly.  Luckily, with daily practice those skills sharpen so editing doesn't have to be such a pain.  With daily practice comes the memory of childhood play.

Nevertheless, the process leads to such open-mindedness and interesting research that I do believe it aids in keeping one young. Certainly it can be used to empty the demon thoughts that don't pay rent in one's head! It is great mental exercise. I consider writing as anti-aging treatment. 

Since we distinguish our humanness from other beings by writing our language, it helps to keep it in the now - current.  This is where some playfulness can come into writing, and playing is anti-aging!

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