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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Boomer Grandparenting

One thing many baby boomers have in common, besides our labeled birth years from 1946 - 1964, is the next step up from parenting.  That would be Grandparenting.  I am being graced with the title of Grandparent this very day, as I blog! 

Our daughter and son-in-law are living in New Zealand, and the mystery of birth is upon them.  I have been so anxious, so I texted them only to find out that the waters had broke, and the midwife was on the way!  This is so very awesome, our first grandbaby will be here soon.

Some of the pre-boomer grandparenting challenges have been how to gracefully share that:
  • yes, names have been chosen, but we don't know what they are
  • no, we don't know the sex, and neither do they
  • waiting to pack all the lovely baby goodies for the trip to NZ until we know the sex because we have been given many gender specific items
  • cheering the parents-to-be on with their choices of where and how to birth, and not sharing those choices with others who may not agree, or inadvertently say something negative
  • and of course, wondering if we will really remember all those newborn tricks, and safety rules, and what not.
In short, being a good Grandparent does take some know-how.  I'm counting on the parenting experience to re-live in all the loving ways that include humor and mistakes.  Right now, I'm holding our daughter, son-in-law and the baby  in the womb in my heart with loads of love and light.  I plan to hold them all in hugs physically soon.                                     

What a good deal being a grandparent will be.  I will get to spoil the little love, and pass on wise stories.  I will know a fake cry for a real need cry.  I will be able to be a source of extra security and affection for the little love.  I will provide the best dining room table chairs for fort making, and pulling up on, when learning to walk. So much to look forward to.

Presently I am gifted to be an "auntie" to a friend's 13 month old, just walking, adorable little boy.  Yes, while my grandchild to be is making her/his way into this world, I am playing with another's child.  What a blessing. Those little ones are such great teachers.  One plus is learning patience.

The patience of practicing good grandparenting by honoring the choices made by the parents, and prayerfully awaiting the birth outcomeI am happy to announce the birth of a grandaughter!  A new angel to love.

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