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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Sale and A Great Read

Since I've returned from a 6 week hiatus in New Zealand, I feel summer is moving along way too fast.  After all, this is June 30th, and the heat is on.  The states are gearing up for various 4rth of July bashes, and I noticed that a great sale is happening  that may interest you - 4th of July Sale - Save 45% on thousands of books, toys, games, and DVDs!

I've been enjoying the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  She is a New York Times best selling author with a great sense of drama and humor in this very addictive and enjoyable series of books about an eighteenth century Scotsman and his wife from the twentieth century! History at a delicious and enthralling possibility just envelops me to get my work done so I can read! Hopefully I won't go into a deep downer after I finish the series. Luckily Gabaldon has books about one of the characters (Lord John Grey), whom I am beginning to like, so maybe I can continue with his stories.  


Please comment if you have read the series and how you liked them.  I'd love to hear your take.  Also, for foreign readers (other than the USA), the first novel is titled Cross Stitch, in the UK.  Here, it is titled, Outlander.  I read Cross Stitch in New Zealand, and had to figure out the different titles because I never saw that title here.  Maybe you picked it up out of the US?

Remember to check out 4th of July Sale - Save 45% on thousands of products!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Time Grandma finds Grandma Faith

Grandma faith is experiencing new grandchild bliss amidst initial misgivings.  Not only do new parents (first time parents) have some misgivings, but they also have a great faith in grandma wisdom.  It seems like a tall order initially, but the rhythm of love, mutual support, and encouragement becomes clearer as the bonding grows.

I've been graced with an incredible experience as a first time Grandma. I have shared it here. Some of the delightful benefits from my experience are:
  • bonding deeply with 3 others
  • providing support
  • trusting my Grandma instincts, and renewing faith in the human nature of nurture!
Luckily I was able to meet other Grandma's from around the world, and compare notes.  A lovely thread of mutual knowing and respect in each other's care taking really  takes place in the baby boomer Grandma galaxy. 

Although current Grandma-hood care taking methods may differ from our mother's Grandma-hood methods, they still involve support in some form. It could be; doing laundry, cooking, babysitting, companionship, advice, etc.  Having Grandma faith that all is as it should be sure helps.
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