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Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Boomer Romance Novels

Remember those hazy days of summer of youthful romantic fantasies that may have become a weaving never finished? A mind weaving of interconnected relationships with strangers from any space in the thoughts emanated from imaginative daydreaming.  I find it quite possible and entertaining as well, to reach back to those possibilities, and shake them free of my confining mind.  

One way is by devouring romance novels (not for women only).  Some of the vastly popular categories to choose from are:
  • historical romance novels
  • paranormal romance novels
  • western romance novels
  • gothic romance novels
  • contemporary romance novels, and many more.

Mostly they are entertaining, sometimes familiar, and often great escapism to be had at a reasonable price.  In fact, there is a great romance novel sale occurring  here at Barnes and Noble.  The link will take you to the sale, and you can easily shop for DVD's, games, music, and other goodies if you want to enhance your summer romance! 

Baby Boomers have wonderful imaginations when left to their own devices.  Where else do these great novels come from?  Experience and memory mix with the creative flow from imaginative mindfulness, and loose threads begin to gel.  A story is born, a tale told, and the reality may be somewhere in between, or not.

Check out the romance novel you may be searching for.

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