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Friday, August 27, 2010

August in the Mountains

August has almost finished in a whirlwind of anniversaries, new experiences, and a death of a friend's son.  Although the sadness and shock of the sudden death weighs heavily, I am so grateful for the songs from the river, and the whisperings from the wind.  The words from dead poets that inspire me to know the treasure of the world in my heart where those who have passed live on.  Like Rumi says, we are all returning.

I went on a camping trip and hiked up to tree level- 10,000 feet.  It was an awesome journey- especially hiking the trail with an old friend and a new friend, and a blind dog.  I learned so much about love and compassion with the blind dog and his master.  We hiked at a snails pace, and I was able to surrender to the awesome day and gorgeous surroundings.  The Gentians were fantastic.  So were the giant mushrooms!     

Now I'm getting ready for family to descend in September.  I get to rock my granddaughter who will be 5 months old.  I can hardly wait.  Hopefully the long Indian summer will provide warmth and sunshine and just perfect mountain weather.  What could be better?  If there is a bit of cool weather, there is always the great spa bath items from Crabtree & Evelyn online store to have on hand for a treat.

Meanwhile have you noticed that gray hair is oh so chic with many younger celebrities?  Maybe August really is all about Fall coming- changes, and that gray is indeed beautiful! I liken it to the green movement, be natural, although many of these younger gray haired celebs had to dye their hair to get it gray!

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