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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Traditions

The big cultural event that has become a wee bit twisted, Halloween traditions undone so to speak, is almost upon us.  I find it quite enjoyable to cruise the web for fun items relating to the October 31st phenomena. That is, after I have enjoyed a long walk in the crunchy golden leaves that have been (alas) covered with snow. Here in Colorado we have been graced with a dry climate that means more gorgeous sunlight amidst the winter snowstorms, which allows for more sunny walks.

A common Halloween tradition is baking some delightful desert that relates to a monster, goblin, witch, cat, or just a food colored vampirish, greenish, blackish, orange decorated sweet.  I do recall all the baking fun when the kids were little decked out in costumes and bearing some ghoulish desert to school.  Now I don’t get into it much anymore, however I did see this blog with a Pumpkin Whoopie Pies recipe that looks quite mouthwatering, and easy to make, so take a look and see if you might want to give it a try.  I think I will, since at this baby boomer stage there is no pressure to have it made except at my leisure.
The other Halloween tradition that I have let go of, because I just never seemed to get the hang of using a knife to carve, is pumpkin carving.  For some reason the work just never appealed to me.  I love the carved results that others could pull off so artistically, and helped carve if I was asked to.  Now I find out that I wasn’t the only one who carving didn’t appeal to.  This is a pretty funny video, short and to the point.  

Enjoy the cold night that will soon share its scairy faces and yummy deserts.  Oh, and take care of your skin - check out these weekly specials for skin care.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Trials 'n Tribulations

Greetings from the Rockies. This October (2010) is quite long since it has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.  This is an event that hasn't occurred for over 800 years evidently. Along with that info is the cosmic look at the intensity October offers.  It is a month of great drama involving the choice to dump behaviors that don't serve anymore.  Of course, this day has a full moon that should appear around 7:38 pm Mountain Time.  Hopefully the clouds will give way to that spectacular force in the sky.  The length of this month increases the planetary pressures that throw us off balance, so the advisement I have read is to remain neutral.  What a concept!

October trials and tribulations have rendered me stronger, yet very apt to break down easier than usual.  I've been riding the roller coaster with little sanity in between.  Now that I have the understanding of the October Power Path I feel better.  Maybe you have been frozen in the ups and downs of a lengthy month also?  I have really had intense feelings about everything.  Plus I wondered about the 10/10/10 brouhaha that didn't appear very important.  I noticed the date because my granddaughter became 6 months old on 10/10/10, then I realized that was somewhat significant in the calender world. Coincidental? I don't know, but I did read that the next significant date in the calender world is 9/10/11.  H'm my grandbaby will be having her 17 month anniversary then.  Surely we will read more as the date draws closer.  Ah, I digress from the trials and tribulations piece of this blog post.  The trials have been with relationships, and the tribulations have been that so many are reaching back with support.  We survive the ride through our higher gift of creativity, and by the miracle of the process.  

The most majestic tribulation has been the grace of Fall colors appearing at different times in this valley of different altitudes.  Peak visual days were earlier in higher altitude, and luckily the driving to those places was gorgeous, and a pleasure.  So, from September up to today a great blessing of color has sustained the intense upheavals many of us have experienced.  One could say that the trials will continue, and that is a given in this thing called life.  Meanwhile we should stay attentive to that which shows up, especially this October.
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