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Friday, November 26, 2010

Helpful Forward

Below freezing temps have arrived and so has this timely e-mail that I just had to paste here.  It's got some helpful and inexpensive suggestions for car upkeep during the long, cold winter.  Enjoy!

Helpful Hints For Winter
Keep your headlights clear with car wax! Just wipe ordinary car wax on your headlights. It contains special water repellents that will prevent that messy mixture from accumulating on your lights - lasts 6 weeks.
Squeak-proof your wipers with rubbing alcohol! Wipe the wipers with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol or ammonia. This one trick can make badly streaking & squeaking wipers change to near perfect silence & clarity.
Ice-proof your windows with vinegar! Frost on it's way? Just fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water & spritz it on all your windows at night. In the morning, they'll be clear of icy mess. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which raises the melting point of water---preventing water from freezing!
Prevent car doors from freezing shut with cooking spray! Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car doors & rub it in with a paper towel.  The cooking spray prevents water from melting into the rubber
Fog-proof your windshield with shaving cream! Spray some shaving cream on the inside of your windshield & wipe if off with paper towels. Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients found in commercial defoggers.
De-ice your lock in seconds with hand sanitizer! Just put some hand sanitizer gel on the key & the lock & the problems solved!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unhooked in a Divorce Culture

Maybe it's the grayness that the overcast November days present, or just that we Colorado folks are spoiled by the most days of sunshine, that gloom and doom rears an ever vigilant notice to threaten any serenity we had. I don't know but it sure seems apparent that most everyone is processing a bummer of some sort, and some even get stuck in the depressive side of the problem/opportunity that is bumming them out.

Then, on top of it all, baby boomers are still getting blamed for cultural norms now.  I've been reading about the divorce stats in the US, and the US census estimates that 1/2 of all marriages end up in divorce. There is divided opinion of the divorce rates with boomers, it is nicknamed the "gray divorce, the late life divorce, and  the silver divorce."  Some say there are more divorces, others say that the divorced are now boomers.  Al and Tipper Gore seemed to highlight the topic by there amicable divorce announcement after 40 years of marriage. . . yup, they grew apart.

Then there are the rants about the baby boomer generation and how the values (free love, drugs, rock n roll) of the once hip time screwed up the next gens, broke with the traditional marriage mores, and made divorce more acceptable and common.  Oh, also we of the baby boomer generation are blamed for the pre-nuptial agreements made so fashionable today.  Yadda yadda okay, our generation did make way for some change, but that's not to say it was all bad!

I read that relationship difficulties are prevalent in our generation.  This may be so because we did learn to question traditions - religious, marital, educational, military, etc.  Once that started, it landslided into The Times They are a Changin'.  Change is the only constant, so we might as well celebrate it, and keep questioning it.  Relationships are ever challenging, and monogamy may not be the answer to loving.

There's some interesting insights in Unhooked Generation . It is an enlightening book that reveals why singles can't seem to make their relationships last.It is available in hardcover, paperback and for the Nook (nookable?).  I first read it when I was writing a VIP paper for one of my lit classes, actually a critical essay for a book that I had to argue something about, and I kept it.  Although it is written about the Gen-Xers, there is something to be gleamed in it for any generation.  It helps those overcast days lighten up somewhat.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Childhood Obesity, Body Scans, Cold Weather, Etc...

Dreary news descends like a shroud from above the dark clouds that we can't see, but know must just be lurking about.  Honestly, are we tired of hearing about obese Americans, and know the ever-looming reality of those obese folks being body scanned at your local airport.  Or, the ever present war stories consistently monitored by instant media sources worldwide.  I actually just wrote about Johnny Got His Gun, the horribly important 1939 WWI classic anti-war novel.  It is well worth reading to help from becoming apathetic and cynical about the ever present war.

Yes, the weather is bound to get colder and snowier or rainier north of the equator...it's what happens now!  I found a site called Happy News that only informs and reports about positive news.  It's a pleasant change from the daily crap of political nonsense, childhood obesity, body scans, no cancer cures, no jobs, etc., ad nauseum.  It offers categories (both national and international) of health, arts and entertainment, heroes, sports, and opinion. It may be worth exploring when the daily dailies compound the sad state of affairs on planet earth.  Of course I'm not saying that just reading always positive real stories is the only way to survive.  Some of the real live politicians equate to comic relief.

Choose your headlines carefully, protect yourself from a drag down of news that is only important as the writer makes it.  Happy November.
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