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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Childhood Obesity, Body Scans, Cold Weather, Etc...

Dreary news descends like a shroud from above the dark clouds that we can't see, but know must just be lurking about.  Honestly, are we tired of hearing about obese Americans, and know the ever-looming reality of those obese folks being body scanned at your local airport.  Or, the ever present war stories consistently monitored by instant media sources worldwide.  I actually just wrote about Johnny Got His Gun, the horribly important 1939 WWI classic anti-war novel.  It is well worth reading to help from becoming apathetic and cynical about the ever present war.

Yes, the weather is bound to get colder and snowier or rainier north of the equator...it's what happens now!  I found a site called Happy News that only informs and reports about positive news.  It's a pleasant change from the daily crap of political nonsense, childhood obesity, body scans, no cancer cures, no jobs, etc., ad nauseum.  It offers categories (both national and international) of health, arts and entertainment, heroes, sports, and opinion. It may be worth exploring when the daily dailies compound the sad state of affairs on planet earth.  Of course I'm not saying that just reading always positive real stories is the only way to survive.  Some of the real live politicians equate to comic relief.

Choose your headlines carefully, protect yourself from a drag down of news that is only important as the writer makes it.  Happy November.

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