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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Conversation

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Let’s face it, baby boomers are where it’s at, and seniors are younger than ever.  So much advertising is about ageing gracefully, staying fit, viagra, and eating healthily, all geared to the self improvement we are capable of.  Just today I used the pch (publishers clearing house) search with visions of winning the green, and decided to search “sex after 60.”  OMG!!!! I was amazed at all the results.  

Then I found an incredible article on The Huffington Post about why sex is better after 60.  Ohh, and another article about a woman (Jane Juska), who wrote a book,  Kiss And Tell: Sex After 60.  I decided great minds think alike and feel quite with it for such an apt search.

Is sex on the Santa list for boomers?  Are you checking it twice and bein’ naughty and nice?  I don’t doubt it. Seniors have more time to enjoy the experience, that’s a big plus. Seniors don’t let bad press (ex pres Bill Clinton for example) regarding sex ruin their life.  I guess it’s just becoming delightfully discussed, and it’s about time!  The 60’ sexual revolution may be over, or history may be repeating for some or true sexual freedom is really mind orientated, and that takes some maturing - yeah, 60 plus is good stuff.  Sexy holidays to you.
Stars Sparkling Glitter Animated Avatars

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