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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea for Christmas

There are some terrific gift items for tea drinkers at Barnes and Noble.  Ceramic tea pots colored in "green pugg or yellow pugg."  Loose tea sets with exotic names that accompany the tea pots.  Tea brewing systems that use Kati cups, tea infusers, teacup ensembles, tea chests and tea collections.  Even Santa might enjoy a nice cup of tea as a break from milk and cookies! You can view the eye pleasing gifts here.

Tea has numerous benefits including medicinal healing use.  Historically tea was considered a precious cargo from the old world of China to Europe.  Now it is a staple in most places.  There is a sense of harmony and ritual with tea drinking that enhances the experience.  Please read my infobarrel article, Tea Benefits for Tea Drinkers for more about the drink many of us enjoy.

A new political party has taken the name of the Tea Party, but it doesn't relate to any benefits that I'm aware of.  It seems more like a strange brew that is simmering over. They have spiced the political jungle up a bit.  Maybe things will get revolutionary.  Then a cup of tea would be invaluable.  Tea for Christmas.

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