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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mysteries Becoming Less Mysterious

Since Christmas I have been gifted with 2 different gospels that I was unaware of. One of them has been published for awhile, it is titled, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, by Levi. It is a record of the "lost" 18 years unmentioned in the New Testament. I began reading it, and was really enjoying it because it made sense for a Jesus of the 1st century.

Then I found out about The Gospel of the Beloved Companion,claimed to be the complete gospel of Mary Magdalene. The author was in the area discussing the book, and I attended a couple of days discussion. I loved what I heard, and bought the book and read it. It is fabulous, and my review is here. I highly recommend it.

Humans love mystery, and Mary Magdalene has been a mystery for so long.  So too have other mysteries been deliberated upon. The mysterious weapons of mass destruction are still a mystery, or a fraud. The mystery of JFK's assassination still has conspiracy theories. Of course the aliens crashing/visiting on earth mystery is always available for a new film. Did man really land on the moon, or is that a mystery as some deem?

The good outcome of the human pondering is the courageous acts of people who question the supposed truth of the mysteries, and give valid argument and proof in doing so. In a way, the Egyptian people are giving true testament to their dislike of their government. The US involvement in sustaining the current president will no doubt remain a mystery from the past 30 years. The truth is out there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emotional, Spiritual January

January has been an amazing 2011 emotional survival so far. The key word being emotional, that is along with spiritual. I mean really, just look at all the emotional hot news items that continue to blame baby boomers for everything considered wrong in the U.S.A. today. Healthcare is totally whacked - did you receive a letter telling you your premium was going up so much that you had to cancel? I did, and I was about to cancel when I received another company letter telling me it was a mistake, and that my premium would remain the same. H'mm, what kind of nonsense is going on here, I wondered.  You see, I am basically uninsurable unless I am in a group insurance. Luckily I am in a group insurance through AARP and a special deal with Aetna, so I am insured.However, AARP is one huge group, so the letter was meant for Aetna insured members of smaller groups, like an orthopedic group of Docs. This is what the insurance companies are up to - raising premiums so high that you can't afford them- they don't need you anymore! Okay, so that was one emotional survival.

The next has been all the brouhaha about 8000 baby boomers turning age 65 daily. This is becoming ad nauseum news. Yes, it may be a first historically, but it could really mean good things too. Just think of all the wisdom to draw on. Humans with vast life experiences willing to share with the coveted youths who care to listen. A labor force more suited to online work because physical labor may not be the answer, and oral work like answering calls, or typing online, or affiliate marketing are the evolving jobs where the youth of today is working-online. Boomers can too, just give us a bit of patience and training.

I've some wisdom to pass on about animal medicine. Recently I was gifted with eagle medicine (the eagle is the messenger to God), and today I stood about 25 feet from 3 buck deer who stared right at me. It is powerful knowledge to tap into the spiritual meaning of these encounters. I use the Medicine Cards for a best wisdom info referral about animal medicine. I had the good fortune to study with a Native American woman who turned me on to the author (Jamie Sams). It's authentic spiritual animal wisdom. You can click on the link to check it out.
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