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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heartfelt February

February is American Heart Health Month, so check to see if some local health clinics are giving discounted or free heart health check ups. One nearby me is offering blood sugar, lipid profile (incl LDL, HDL, choleterol, and triglycerides), liver function and studies, plus height, weight, blood pressure, and heart health risk profile - all this for $15.00! Needless to say, I am going to take advantage of it. I realize now, how frequent TIA's occur in baby boomers, and it's just plain time to get all this checked out.
There is a wisdom school that I have been attending, and an upcoming workshop is titled, Way of the Heart. It is going to be quite good because it is run by Cynthia Bourgeault (pastor, scholar author, mystic), "We'll be focusing on the heart as an organ of spiritual perception, combining readings from the Christian Inner
and mystical tradition with contemporary scientific findings, presented by
our guest co-teacher Rex Spear, M.D. Stay tuned!"
You know, there are many people who don't have a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day (in all the hooplah), and I'm not sure if they feel left out or choose to celebrate themselves. I chose to celebrate myself since I am in a divorce journey, although living with my spouse because we can't afford for one of us to move out (sound familiar?). Anyways, the day turned out fabulous. I hiked with a daughter who is not in a relationship presently, skyped with another daughter in NZ, and my precious grandbaby. Also, my spouse walked in the kitchen with a lovely bouquet of flowers and said, "There haven't been any flowers around the house for a long time." Sweet. And just fine to love the one your with!

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