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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Being Classy 'n Fashionable

Most likely the truth about how to be fashionable and classy is somewhere between an attitude and being true to oneself, like Coco Chanel was. She, Che Guevera, and Cleopatra are all enduring icons who were/are considered fashionable and classy by the general populace. The outer fashions like Che's beret and Coco's total fashion change to clothes she looked good in (thankfully she popularized the demise of the corset), lays the mysterious connection between the classy definition that seems to have kept their identities alive and imitated for so long. More about that by clicking on the links to my full articles.

I have recently experienced the shocking news that I have cataracts in both eyes! Actually, I have found that the classy way to treat this foggy situation is to wait until my vision is seriously impaired (20/40 or below), and then see what's up with the treatment. The fashionable treatment is cataract surgery which is considered mostly safe and successful. For any of you that are interested in finding out all about this common problem, please read my article Got Cataracts?  I have thoroughly researched the cause, cost, and other important question any unsuspecting baby boomer may have. :):)

Yet another way to be fashionable and classy is the lifestyle one leads. I have just been reading   Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds Of Ways To Live To Be 100
by Dr. Maoshing Ni. It is an enjoyable, easy read, and quite healing. I don't always have the inkling to live to be 100, but I do strive to be healthy with cataracts and all! This book really interweaves the Eastern and Western medicinal traditions skillfully and clearly. Eastern traditional knowledge is quite fashionable presently, and the author is a classy 38th-generation doctor of Chinese medicine to boot. I have written a book review about it, Secrets of Longevity. I highly suggest checking it out at the library or purchasing it (via the link), as it is inexpensive, and surprising.

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