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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is a great link of a wonderful tour of Westminister Abbey. I have been there and I still need a refresher, so take a peek if you haven't been there, or if you want a glimpse of where the Royals will be marrying soon. It's a 360 tour that really shows the spectacularness of the historic place.

An English friend of mine who lives in NZ told me that they are all very excited about the wedding to be, and that she is getting together with some NZ friends to have cucumber on crustless bread, tea, and wear hats and maybe dresses to sit and view the wedding on the telly. That sounds fun . . . from NZ, but from the states that means getting up at 4:00 am or so I hear. There will be days and nights of re-runs at a respectable time for us North Americans.  

Speaking of the states, the weather hasn't been very good for anyone to Become A Watcher of the SkiesI'm talking the wonderful world of Astronomy: An Old Science and Popular Outdoor Activity.  The Lyrid meteor showers were going on while the overcast skies made it un-viewable from where I live, and most places in the states. Rain or snow everyday is definitely putting a damper on the chance to observe the night sky and those roughly 5000 stars seeable with the naked eye.  One thing for sure, when it is warm the critters we call Spiders: Eency Weency Predators, are having a show, a Spring coming out so to speak.

Stay warm, and give the English a toast for their traditions.

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