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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Was John Newton Amazed?

The slave turned slave trader, John Newton was (I believe) amazed at his prayer for mercy during the event that changed his life. He was a passenger on the ship, the Greyhound, when a fierce storm gave him real cause to believe the ship would go under. This is when the author of the Amazing Grace hymn embraced his God and asked for mercy, yet wondered why he would be allowed any. You see, he was enslaved and made to work on a lime plantation when he was a teenager so he wasn't a stranger to the hardships and lack of freedom the Africans he worked with had to put up with. Please read more at Amazing Grace Origin: John Newton.

I've been into researching some phrases lately and have found them to have interesting origins and meanings. They are: The Bluebird of Happiness Phrase, and On the Verge Phrase. The articles may surprise you!

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