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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day Trippin'

The hot time summer in the city has been cool and flash flood rainstorms here in Colorado, so I have taken a trip back to the '60's music scene. Here is an excerpt from Baby Boomer Daydream Believer:

Now is probably a good time to mention the great accumulation of the 60’s culture which was 1969. Not only could you get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant, but the summer of peace and love rocked at the Woodstock festival 1969. I was a student at the University of Minnesota at the time. One of my roommates was actually living in a commune, but had to keep up appearances as a roommate for the establishment. Deciding whether to split and cruise to Woodstock which was a fairly long drive from Minnesota was the biggest decision I had to make.  To go or not to go.

Those were the days my friend! Now the times have changed making Bob Dylan's famous song, The Times They Are A-changin right on, so to speak. It happens as we grow into our own skin, we get more comfortable with who we are and why we are going in the direction we are. 

The '60's music will never go away, it just gets re-recorded from different artists and handed along. The rainy day Sunday weather has allowed for rest and reflection. Happy day trippin!
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