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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cha chachachanges

Yes, it's been a lovely summer with chchchcchanges worldwide - Norway tragedy, Somalia starvation, more nasty unthoughtful Congressional slurs (tar baby), and weather patterns run amuck. Some say it is all speeding up because the famous year of 2012 is bearing down upon us earthlings sooner than later. On a personal level I feel it has a lot to do with the old saying, "Get all your ducks in a row." If indeed we will be entering a barter system or experiencing an all out revolution, chchchchanges, are happening very fast.

Recently I read that 2 states had dropped the teaching of cursive writing. Why bother when kinderkids are learning keyboard strokes. Chalkboards in classrooms are disappearing so techy devices can be used instead - even e-readers. Some of it is exciting but then again, how is the increased bandwidth usage to be handled? Also, for some of it, it seems discriminatory too me. If schoolkids are going to be using tech gadgets then are we all supposed to keep increasing mill levies to pay for every child to have use of these? Even libraries are starting to charge for computer usage for out of district clients. Geesh. Chchchcchanges in this not so green yet world. 

So much fear mongering what with the political rants and now the lowering of our AAA+ standing in the global economy - the earth is bound to connect with the human energy. So, earth changes keep on keepin' on. All this strife, tension, relationship break-ups (Arnie & Maria, Al & Tipper (old news, yes, but still), me & my ex-spouse, and countless others), really takes a toll on emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental levels of human growth. Besides a great faith that we are on the right path (that everything is perfect even though we don't get it), this time period takes friends. Along with friends comes the ability to not take ourselves so seriously, and laugh lots.

I would love for you to view this short video of Lucy & Ethel entertaining with The Friendship Song.

It's a great reminder to be a friend, too.

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