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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming of Age?

How does one come to age at age 62? Yes, get early social security, start a little job, continue online work, and grow into oneself from before. In my case it is taking my name back, my given birth name that I have missed for more than half my life. It must be done "officially" even though anyone is able to change his name non-legally. It's a hassle both ways. See my account here, Name Changing Takes Some Effort. Ever since 9/11 the big brother trying to control bit is ever present and lurking at every keystroke, or so it seems. 

Besides that and the eternal quest for youth in anti aging propaganda, I wonder what coming of age means in this digital society. Like many of you, I ask, Is There a Best Anti Aging Way?

Summer's bounty was excellent with apricots in our yard this year. I even tried an apricot pie which turned out fabulous. There are bags of frozen apricots in my freezer to get me through the un-anticipated winter ahead. I prefer along Indian summer. Last summer here in the Rockies, in glorious Colorado, the weather was very sunny, warm, and delightful through October. Not so this year. Could this be a weather coming of age, or just a cycle, or even worse, a big brother weather tampering?
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