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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There is a big snowstorm brewing in my side of this great planet, the first big brew of the winter season. This month of gorgeous color changes on the trees that are soon to be covered in white has also reflected the changes many are hoping to take place via Occupy Wall Street.

Past OCTOBER REVOLUTIONS such as the Hungarian revolution 1956 and the Russian revolution 1917 really highlight the month. The people wanted change and certainly huge, cataclysmic changes occurred. Often in revolutions the protests are begun peacefully, often in revolutions they end violently.

I'm hoping the current protest that is becoming worldwide will remain a peaceful revolution for great change to benefit all people.

The two mentioned OCTOBER REVOLUTIONS have significant history that is worth reviewing. The last speech of Imry Nagy (the Hungarian leader)  is a moving testament to truth. Here is a partial quote:

“This fight is the fight for freedom by the Hungarian people against the Russian intervention, and it is possible that I shall only be able to stay at my post for one or two hours. The whole world will see how the Russian armed forces, contrary to all treaties and conventions, are crushing the resistance of the Hungarian people. They will also see how they are kidnapping the prime Minister of a country which is a Member of the United nations, taking him from the capital, and therefore it cannot be doubted at all that this is the most brutal form of intervention.

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