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Friday, November 18, 2011

11-11-11 to 12-12-12

The cosmic forces are expanding at a rate that is hard to keep up with. Spirit really doesn't have a time limit or restraint - those numbers are just for us humans to wake up to the love we should be accepting, sending and being. I've been turned on to some spiritual thinkers about what is going on during this speed-up and I'd love to share a few quotes.

Before I do, I'd love to know if you were one of those folks who consistently saw the numbers 1:11 or 11:11 whenever you happened to glance at a clock? I did, and I accepted it as weird at first, then normal. I can't help but wonder if it has been part of the wake-up, don't go back to sleep message from the universe.

This is not how we are used to living our lives, so it will take practice and perseverance. What is being asked of us is simply to remember the truth of who we are and know we cannot find the answers to our questions in the outer world. All that we seek to understand is found in our ability to relax into our very being, that place within where we are all connected to the ocean of the All That Is. In the nurturing comfort of our inner sanctuary we are able to transcend the troubles and limitations of the exterior reality, giving all who go there the ability to feel and know the truth of what is happening. Our God Selves know exactly what our needs are and what our true purpose is, so let’s relax and allow all to unfold.
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Now that 11/11/11 has passed, what happens now? As you can see, the 11’s are made up of 1’s and that is our ultimate spiritual goal; to be One. We are trying to remember who we are as a piece of God. We are trying to remember what it is like to feel that complete love. Before the Ascension was a possibility, the Angels gave us a visual of our journey as souls to rejoin consciously with God. They shared we were like a drop of water and that drop of water was moving towards the Ocean of God. Now that we are actively ascending, the Angels share a different, more beautiful visual of what is happening. We are that same drop of water and the Ocean of God is coming into us. You are the drop of water and the vast One-ness is coming into you. Pause and take a breath and feel the energy that statement brings to you.
Imagine God speaking to you right now and saying this:
“I love you.
How could I not?
You are everything to me. You are me.
Remember who you are and you will remember Me.
While you are remembering, feel My love for you in every breath, every moment.
And you will feel a deep peace knowing you are never alone.
We are One.”
~ God
How do you remember?  Just take a deep breath and ask. “I thank You that I now remember who I AM as a spiritual being.”  Yes, it is that simple. Anything you need or want to know, just ask. To remember is the ultimate reason for our being. When we remember, we will wake up and find we were only sleeping and we were never really separate from God.
Enjoying remembering,
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However the light comes in, get bright with it! Happy Trails.

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