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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflection Of

Now that the mad holiday fever is more relaxed (because it's over), a bit of reflection comes into play. No matter what 2011 has been for any of us, I do believe that there has been a speeding up of all life energies. Cosmic forces have only just intensified the earth mother relationship with humans. 

Have you witnessed any of the "new" children, those beyond the Indigo kids? They are mind blowing. Since I have a grandchild not yet age 2, I am very interested in this pre-fifth world phenomenon. Also, since I am gifted to work as a librarian in a fabulous library, I am a witness to the new children. In short, they are brilliant, kind, and way beyond the present world paradigm that is to shift in December, 2012. 

I was led to a book, Beyond the Indigo Children, The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World, by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. According to the back cover, the book "provides a wonderful, grounded 'voice of reason' among all the information that's being bandied around about today's children."

Today I shall begin the read. Maybe you would be interested, or have read it and can comment on it. Please feel free to do so.

                  ~~~~~~~  A BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL ~~~~~

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