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Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Specials

February brings it on for merchants and clients of all ages. What with all the ads for flowers, chocolate, love gifts, cards, and anything at all stretched to have anything remotely affiliated with the Valentine celebration on February 14th, the world is inundated with commercialism in the name of love.

I have a few suggestions for gifts either to oneself or the receiver of Cupid's arrow. The first is for communication via the cell phone. Wirefly is having some fabulous February sales. The site is Boomer friendly, it even has a page of How To's.

If you are looking for brand name perfumes and skin (beauty) products, Perfume.com is a great place to shop online. It is an Internet Retailer Top 500 site that offers international shipping! It has products for all sexes.

Looking to travel over the big romantic day? Met Global  (DHR.com) really entices with these offerings:
  • Huge Selection of Hotels- choose from over 150,000 hotels in over 198 countries
  • Convenience- search for rooms by price, ratings, location, customer reviews and more.
  • Hotels sorted by themes including Business, Spa, Luxury, Budget hotels and more 
  • No service fee or amendment fee 
Worldwide discounted hotel bookings are their specialty.

Last but never least is a good e-book to curl up and enjoy a steamy romance novel.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY COMING UP SOON ~~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Cosmic Paradigm Tear-Down

Does it ever feel like humans are entering not only a cosmic paradigm tear-down (linear thinking is out) yet at the same time a hold-up in progress as far as human decency and kindness on a global level is happening?

From future technology to the ongoing debate about birth control, the need for control is endless. Now the Catholic chieftains are whining about Obama's healthcare mandate that includes birth control and abortion (day after pills) means to be available for employees. The Church claims it isn't about the right to choose issues, but it is about the government telling the Church what to do. Sticky. Both sides are valid, yet if it isn't included in the healthcare required for employees then insurance companies could fight it. What a mess.

This is what I mean about the hold-up in time. It feels like the middle ages, the dark times of Church control is overhanging, like they have to hang on to any control they feel they actually have over other humans. Human decency and kindness translates into support for each other - no matter what faith, what sex, or what nation one hails from. Women don't want others to control or try to control their health, or their pregnancies. Geesh.

The Church needs to move on and get over it!
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