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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Days are Just Like That


Having a discombobulated yet still hanging in there day? Unfortunately (or not) baby boomers notice aches and pains and creaks that weren't there before. Before what, one may ask. Just before. Nothing having to do with anything but before. Of course we may tend to analyze out of our head into the universal thought world that the cause of our notification is because of this or that, and cuckoo enough, this or that happened before!

Eventually we may be granted some grace to be present. The focus changes mysteriously, to now. A sigh of relief comes because the truth is, that NOW is all we have. It is brought more and more to my attention as the living from the heart, seeing from the heart, hearing from the heart just seems to be the way of living now, not before. The happy thing about this is that we are all so imperfect and we can stay humble in this awareness. That is an awesome gift, like forgiveness always being there for the asking.

We can see the beauty among the broken. Some days are just like that.


Dreamaker said...


You have an incredible perspective on life. When you think about it living for today becomes all that more important.

To help me remember that, i think about the fact that today is a gift you get only once.

When we lay our heads down and go to sleep at night, it's done. Never will you get to do the same day again.

With that in mind, I always remember to make sure I do,

#1 Something every day enjoy to enjoy myself.

#2 Something that will help me to lend someone a hand who needs it.

#3 I do both of those things as many times as I possibly can.

#4 I Sleep

Although writing online for a living uses up most of the time for that.

I' gotta go exercise the knees before they seize, great to be able to belong to cool site like this.

Monica - footloose said...

Thanks dreamaker. I get the knees bit, I have similar needs!

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