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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Publishing Articles Online

I have been writing online for a coupe of years now, and found it to be work that is rewarding in a couple of ways. One is that the more I write the more I research. Learning about how to do research has been a wondrous journey because there are so many available sources on and offline. Mostly I write non-fiction articles and I have narrowed my articles to a main ezine (online magazine) that has a great forum and great articles. The administration is right on and willing to help in any way needed, as are the forum members.  If you look to the right of my post, and down, you will see my latest articles linked to the ezine, infobarrel. Please feel free to explore.

The second rewarding work result is making a bit of google adsense dollars. It hasn't happened fast for me, but I have received some income and hopefully it will grow. The more published articles, the more adsense money is made. It becomes a passive income for many writers who hit the jackpot immediately. Usually it takes a couple hundred articles to even start. So, one must enjoy writing, and not be in a hurry to make money from it because it doesn't happen that way. I am working on 200 articles at IB (infobarrel), and have 155 to date. I have articles on other sites, but haven't kept up on them since I started at IB. It's just that good of an ezine, so I have stuck with them.

Another reward is the online friends from all over the world that I have made. That is really exciting, and it leads to more possibilities for money and fame. An example is this - recently a fellow IB writer contacted me about using a photo of mine. He is on his 3rd book and was submitting my photo to his publisher to see if it would work. Unfortunately it didn't, but what an awesome possibility for an image to get credit in a book - all this from an online friend who happened to see my comment on another writer's piece about a photograph!

I have also have some wonderful connections with readers of this blog about an article I wrote about my dad piloting The Knockout Dropper in WWII.

Yes, publishing articles online has been a rewarding experience.

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Alan Radecki said...

Hi Monica, I dropped you a note at IB, and am dropping you one here...this is in regards to Knockout Dropper. I have a unique photo of it that is the core of a research project I'm doing right now...it started as a blog post over on my Vintage Air blog back in January (here's the link: http://vintageairphotos.blogspot.com/2012/01/sparkling-new-fortresses.html ). It was at first going to be just a follow-up blog post but because of all the info I've found, it might end up as a small book. So, that being said, I'd like to chat with you about your Father and his service. I'm on Facebook as Alan Radecki, and my email is airphotoservices@gmail.com, and of course there's the IB mail system...however you are most comfortable chatting. Thanks for your time!

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