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Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13 and Friday!

Does it matter that we are a superstitious bunch with the dreaded Friday the 13th taboos? I think it shows our rich ancestral memories that still give us a tickle when the date looms closer and closer and then the dark shadows can be seen clearer because, after all, it is Friday the 13th!!

I was looking at famous Friday 13th birthdays and I saw the actors, Orlando Bloom (1977), and Patrick Dempsey (1966) among the (un)fortunate still living folks. Certainly there are plenty more, maybe even some acting zombies successfully whetting appetites for the horrors of the 13th. 

An interesting superstitious theory is derived from The Last Supper and a Norse myth. It has to do with the belief that 13 people seated at a table results in the death of one diner. Really? H'm, most dinner parties are in an even number and there has been great attention to the death of the diner from The Last Supper. Maybe it's not just superstition.

Well, this is the last Friday 13th in 2012, so make it a lucky one!

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